StradFest 2018 | How will you shape your tomorrow?

How will you shape your FUTURE?

Join The Strad team and leading music industry experts at London’s Royal Institution of Great Britain for a one-day immersive event designed to help string players develop an exciting career.


What are you looking for?

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About The Speaker

Victor Martin

Victor Martin

Classeek CTO

Born near Geneva in 1980, Victor Martin studied International Trade at Université Paris-Est & Marketing at Euromed Marseille Business school.

A self-taught ‘computer scientist’, Victor developed his first websites in the late 1990s. His motley curriculum ranges from running online auctions in the 2000’s to building a pioneering professional 3D printing platform in 2011. This is how he came to work closely with a few visual artists looking for more innovative representation. His creative digital strategies allowed for developing edition, crowdfunding, and sales of contemporary art.

Consulting on the side for startups, Victor met Classeek founder Catarina Amon at a tech conference in 2016. Both his technological skills and experience dealing with artistic minds led him to join Classeek in order to help steer the Classical music business through digital transformation, to the benefit of current musicians and the public.