StradFest 2018 | How will you shape your tomorrow?

How will you shape your FUTURE?

Join The Strad team and leading music industry experts at London’s Royal Institution of Great Britain for a one-day immersive event designed to help string players develop an exciting career.


What are you looking for?

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About The Speaker

Klanner Franz

Franz Klanner

Thomastik-Infeld head of development

Franz Klanner is responsible for continual product development, individual solutions and innovations in machinery and material processing. The trained electrical engineer has worked at Thomastik-Infeld for 24 years and has made a lasting impression on the company’s identity as a technical manager with unrivalled string development.

As part of the Stradfest, he will provide an insight into the complexity of the interplay between musician and instrument, as well as the optimal choice, maintenance and use of strings for an ideal sound experience. With scientific expertise, years of experience and a great passion in his hunt for the perfect tone, Franz works as a mediator between instrument maker, string manufacturer, material supplier and artist, debating issues such as: which tonal and haptic implications do different materials have during processing? How can the tonal life span be prolonged? What influence do different string lengths or tensions have? Why are some strings more prone to corrosion than others?

On March 24th Franz will invite you to a specialist presentation, which will include intense discussion and personal exchange on the science of strings and materials. This event will see music both loved and lived!